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Total Jain Temples listed = 9255 (as on 18th July 2024)

Jainism gives paramount importance to “DEV, SHASHTRA & GURU”.

Daily visit to Jain temple is considered to be an integral part of a Jain Shravak’s life. Actually it is one of the three basic ethics which are considered to be related to Jain way of life i.e. (1) Daily visit to “Jinalaya”; 2. Use of Chhanna (filtered) water; 3. Take food before sunset.

To enable each and every Jain Shravaka to have a daily “Jin Darshan”, whether he/she is in any part of the country/world, it is a must to have information about all sites related to Jainism (Digamber/ Shwetamber/ Sthanak etc.).

JainMandir.org is the biggest source of information about all Jain Temples in India and abroad.

Disclaimer: This website is just providing information on religious sites related to Jainism. The data has been taken from all available sources including internet, published books/materials etc. to meet the objective of facilitating daily Jin darshan to a Shravak.