छहढाला का सार


Language : Hindi

Category : Other

Tags : छहढाला, पण्डित दौलतरामजी, डॉ. हुकमचन्दजी भारिल्ल, सार

Author : डॉ. हुकमचन्दजी भारिल्ल

Publish Year : 2007

Total Pages : 70

Publisher : Digambar Jain Vidwatparishad Trust, Jaipur

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छहढाला का सार

Dr. Bharill is one of our most accomplished Jain scholars of our time with a unique vision for the development of Jainism and has dedicated his entire life for the cause of Jainism.

He has authored numerous books on Jainism and strives to propagate Jainism with vigor and fervor all over the world.

He is accomplished editor, professor and has been guiding several institutions. He is recipient of several awards and honors.